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Combine the #1 “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment processor with your BigCommerce store to skyrocket sales, increase average order values, and get more shopper conversions faster.

W H A T   S E Z Z L E   D O E S

Grow Your eCommerce Business With Sezzle

Convert More Shoppers

Increase your store's conversion rate and average order value by letting shoppers pay over time interest-free.

All Reward. No Risk

Sezzle absorbs all the risk: fraud, chargebacks, and repayment.

Access New Shoppers

Reach an audience of over 3.1 million Sezzle shoppers through our built-in marketing channels.

Enter your information to claim your offer. Use code BIGCOMMERCE when you sign up to get a special, 30-day, introductory rate and a permanently reduced rate.

BigCommerce merchants get exclusive Sezzle perks

Enjoy a discounted rate

Use code BIGCOMMERCE when you sign up to get a special, 30-day, introductory rate* and permanently reduced rate!


One-day payouts

BigCommerce users get their payouts from Sezzle six days faster.

Voted #1 by Real Customers

Sezzle was named the category leader in two consecutive Installment Payment category reports published by G2, the foremost source of business software reviews from real, validated users.

“Sezzle Increased visitors to my page by almost 300%.”

“Installation was extremely easy.”

H O W   I T   W O R K S

Shop Now. Pay Later.

Sezzle lets your shoppers break their purchase into manageable installments, paid back without interest:

 💸 4 Payments.  📆  6 Weeks.  🤟🏽 0% Interest

"Our integration might have taken less than a half hour."

—Aman Advani, Founder & CEO

Trusted by 44,000+ Leading Brands

C O M M O N   R E S U L T S

All Reward. No Risk.

Stores that partner with Sezzle normally see benefits like these:


Average share of checkout


Average approval rate


Average order value lift

“With Sezzle, we saw explosive conversion rates off the bat. Bottom line: we love Sezzle and so do our customers.”

—Jay Gordon, Oliver Mak, and Dan Natola, Co-founders 

Q U I C K   &   E A S Y   S E T U P

Seamless Integration with Your Store

Getting started with Sezzle on BigCommerce is lightning fast and button-click simple.

Step 1:

Submit an application

Submit an application for approval. Sezzle will reply within 3 days.

Step 2:

Connect to Sezzle

Copy and paste the provided key codes into your BigCommerce dashboard.

Step 3:

Enter banking info

Connect your bank account to automatically deposit to your account.

G E T   I N   T O U C H

Let's Get Started!

Our Minneapolis-based team is ready to help.

Or chat with our team:

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*Pending application approval. Introductory rate is 2.5% + $0.30. Promotional rate begins upon application approval. Permanently reduced rate is applied after the 30-day promotional period.

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